Power kitchens and the world of culinary diplomacy

Food programme (day)

What is the most exclusive club for professional chefs? Those with Michelin stars? Those with three Michelin stars? What about Le Club des Chefs Des Chefs? This isn’t a mutual admiration society for chefs, but a grouping of those elite kings of the kitchen who cook for the world’s leaders.

Whether it is the President, the Queen, the Holy Father or the Chancellor, somewhere behind the scenes is an executive kitchen responsible for day to day meals and those culinary broadsides known as state dinners.

My podcast of the day is Kitchens of Power, a BBC Radio 4 Food Programme podcast looking at the history, politics and diplomacy that set these high powered kitchens apart from their commercial rivals.

For the sake of our negotiations with the EU, let’s hope that our own chefs do not forget Mrs Merkel’s fondness for a cheese course.