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One thought on “The statue that gave the station and area its name – George IV

  • Mandy Wood

    I live ‘up north’ on Teesside but after doing Family History, discovered my mother’s father Sidney Johnson came from Judd Street. He was ‘posted’ in Stockton on Tees during WW1… he met my grandmother, married her and – well here I am! I often wondered why King’s Cross (I prefer the apostrophe) was so called. I’ve been several time to ‘walk in my grandfather’s shoes’ and can feel an affinity with London. I have a lovely photo of my grandfather’s family taken with his 3 brothers and their mother taken in 1920 – almost certainly in 127 Judd Street. I have several postcards sent from my grandfather to his mother in the early 1900’s. Virtually all are addressed as above to Elizabeth Johnson – Mandy Wood I have a pair of opera glasses possibly used by my gt grandma at Euston Music Hall. They are still in good order.