On This Day

THE TREATY OF GRANADA COMPLETES  THE RECONQUISTA 25 NOVEMBER 1491 The Treaty of Granada was signed and ratified on November 25, 1491 between Boabdil, the sultan of Granada, and Ferdinand and Isabella, the King and Queen of Castile, León, Aragon and Sicily. The Capitulation of Granada effectively completed the Christian […]

25 November 1491 | The Treaty of Granada is signed

THE FIRST BOOK FEATURING PADDINGTON BEAR IS PUBLISHED 13 OCTOBER 1958 The first book featuring Paddington Bear is published. Paddington, created by Michael Bond and primarily illustrated by Peggy Fortnum, recently made the transition to the big screen in Paddington the Movie.

13 October 1958 | Paddington Bear is first published

THE BATTLE FOR HAVANA IN THE WAR OF JENKINS’ EAR 12 OCTOBER 1748 The Royal Navy meets the Armada Española in the Battle for Havana. Although the British secured a tactical victory, they didn’t press home their advantage. This was the last engagement of the fantastically named War of Jenkins’ […]

12 October 1748 | Battle for Havana in the War of Jenkins’ ...

THE GREAT FIRE OF CHICAGO BURNS THE WINDY CITY 10 OCTOBER 1871 After blazing for a day and a half, the Great Fire of Chicago reduces 3.3 square miles of the Windy City to cinders. Up to 300 people are killed and 100,000 made homeless. Many of the city’s buildings […]

10 October 1871 | The Great Fire of Chicago burns out

OTTOMAN NAVY DEFEATED IN THE BATTLE OF LEPANTO 7 OCTOBER 1571 A coalition of Spanish and Italian naval forces meet their Ottoman rivals at the Battle of Lepanto. The engagement marks the end of Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean and cements Spain’s growing reputation as an imperial sea power.

7 October 1571 | The Battle of Lepanto

BRITISH RAIL STARTS INTERCITY 125 SERVICES 4 OCTOBER 1976 British Rail’s InterCity 125 service, the world’s fastest diesel-powered train, began operations on the Western Region. These trains will  only start to be replaced by the new Class 800 Intercity Express from next year.

4 October 1976 | British Rail starts InterCity 125 services

GERMAN REUNIFICATION COMPLETES 3 OCTOBER 1990 The states of the German Democratic Republic join the Federal German Republic to form a single state. The day is commemorated as a holiday in Germany – the Day of German Unity (Tag der deutschen Einheit).

3 October 1990 | German reunification completes

THE TEXAS REVOLUTION BEGINS IN GONZALES 2 OCTOBER 1835 A rebellion breaks out in the Spanish controlled province of Texas. Just over six months later, the victorious Texan rebels took control of an independent Republic of Texas. Ten years later, Texas became the USA’s 28th state.

2 October 1835 | The Texas Revolution begins

THE SOVIET UNION’S FIRST FIVE YEAR PLAN IS ANNOUNCED 1 OCTOBER 1966 Josef Stalin announces the start of the USSR’s first Five Year Plan. The intention was to industrialise the vast and still largely agrarian country. In terms of factory output it succeeded, but at what human costs?

1 October 1928 | Stalin announces the first Five Year Plan