The Allusionist | The Key II – Vestiges



Number 43 – The Key: Part II – Vestiges

20 September 2016

I’m a bit behind with reviewing this show – it went out more than a week ago. This week, Helen Zaltzman ‘smears a thin layer of language over the lens so everything looks a bit nicer’ and looks at how to decipher ancient languages.

In part one of this two-part special, Helen looked at the Rosetta Stone and its crucial role in deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics.  This week, Helen asks what do you do when there is no Rosetta Stone to help you out?

In doing so, she explores the challenges of deciphering southern Italy’s Oscan (a language that succumbed to the popularity of Latin) with Nick Zair and considers  why monolingualism is a modern aberration with Julie Tetel Andresen.

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