Criminal – Episode 51 – Money Tree



Episode 51 – Money Tree

23 September 2016

Criminal is one of my favourite podcasts. I just shared it with my husband and it has quickly become one of his favourites too. In fact, he gorged himself  on the available episodes so that he was ahead of me!

This episode is easily one of my favourites. There is a wonderful chemistry between host Pheobe Judge and the main subject, Axton Betz-Hamilton, a victim of identity theft.

Victim of identity theft does not, in fact, do Dr Betz-Hamilton justice. I won’t say anything more out of fear of spoiling what is a pretty perfect episode.

This episode weaves a strong narrative through a singularly tragic set of facts. In the end, I was left more aware of the cost of identity theft and absolutely impressed by Dr Betz-Hamilton’s strength and work.

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