Vaguely Interesting Snippets | 22 March – 29 March 

A vast array of vaguely interesting snippets that aren’t quite long or interesting enough to be articles all on their own!

  • Did an American women prevent Hitler from committing suicide after the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923? Helen Hanfstaengl’s brush with history isoutlined in Andrew Nagorski’s Hitlerland.
  • The Louvre in Paris is the world’s most visited art museum according to the Art Newspaper’s special on museum entrance figures for 2011. It attracted a record 8,880,000 visitors in 2011. It is followed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (6,004,254) followed by three London museums – the British Museum (5,848,534),  the National Gallery (5,253,216) and the Tate Modern (4,802,287 ).
  • Out of the Art Newspaper’s list of 100 most visited art museums, London had nine separate entries with a total attendance of 24,955,933. Paris’s seven museums in the top 100 produced the next highest numbers in one city with 20,216,394 visits.
  • An IPPR North report highlights the stark difference between transport investment priorities, claiming that £2,730 per person is being invested in transport in London and the south-east of England compared to only £5 per person in the North East of England.