World War 2

Poisoning the airwaves

The Second World War was a conflict that comprehensively defied the restrictions of land and sea. Planes screamed over borders and delivered parachuting troops deep into foreign territory. Bombers and, in the war’s final months, missiles wrought front line destruction on distant enemy cities. The air was not merely the conduit for armed forces and weapons. With the new technology of radio fully harnessed by all of the belligerents, it became a […]

How did Nazi Germany survive until 5 June 1945?

When did the Second World War end in Europe? And when did the Nazi German government surrender? You’d be forgiven for saying ‘on the same day’, and most people would suggest Victory in Europe Day (8 May 1945 in most countries, but celebrated on 9 May 1945 in the Soviet Union) as the most obvious day. Alternatively, it could be 7 May 1945 – the day of military surrender that was signed […]

The deadliest battle

More people died in the Siege of Leningrad than the combined World War Two losses of the United Kingdom and United States combined. The Siege, also known as the Leningrad Blockade, lasted 872 days and, according to some estimates, resulted in over a million deaths each from the Red Army and the civilian population. Estimates of total deaths range from 1,117,000 to 4,500,000, but even at the lower end of estimates it […]