Modern love (or semantic sexuality)

Stephen Irvine, 14 March 2012

As the last notes of Wishful Thinking by China Crisis drift through the morning air and the ensuing silence announces the end of Now That’s What I Call Music II’s third side, it suddenly dawns on me that I might be a little behind the times. With popular culture in the country of my birth unrecognisable since the salad days of the 80’s, have I been completely left behind as a brave new world has shaped the nation into something I no longer understand or want any part of? Am I alone in yearning for a bygone era, an unrealistic dream in the i-landscape of today?

Apparently not, as what I was about to witness was a cast of characters who made Fred Flintstone look contemporary, and while I might gaze wistfully from the tower windows dreaming of decades past, this lot were pitching their tents firmly in the dark ages. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we are of course talking about the weekend’s burning issue; same-sex marriage. With David Cameron sensibly lending his support to the idea, it was left to the fire and brimstone brigade to denounce the idea of unholy matrimony in no uncertain terms.

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