Politics in 3D 2

Three axis politics

Axis labelsKey
X = Left (0) to Right (10)Blue - Andrea Leadsom
Y = Liberal (0) to Authoritarian (10)Black - Theresa May
Z = Pragmatic (0) to Dogmatic (10)Green - David Cameron
Orange - Jeremy Corbyn
Purple - Ed Milliband

Static version

Politics in 3D

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2 thoughts on “Politics in 3D

    • IDC Post author

      Theresa May is on the graph as being 7 on the left to right scale (0 being most left), 6 on authoritarian (0 being most liberal) and 2 on dogmatic / pragmatic (0 being most pragmatic).

      The only person on the graph who was more right wing and authoritarian is Andrea Leadsom.

      These were only rough figures to demonstrate a possible three axis basis for modern politics.

      But it does demonstrate that it is difficult to represent this on a 3D model!