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  MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENSTEIN IS FIRST PUBLISHED 11 MARCH 1818 Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is first published in London. First published anonymously, it has never been out of print. It was adapted for the stage as early as 1822 and has become a favourite for depiction […]

11 March 1818 | Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is first published  

. The Allusionist Episode 52 – Sanctuary For the last two weeks, The Allusionist’s Radiotopia stablemate, 99 Percent Invisible, has been looking at Sanctuary Cities. So, this week, Helen Zaltzman takes a look at the etymology and history of seeking sanctuary. Along the way, she talks to John Jenkins from the […]

The Allusionist 52 | Sanctuary  

  BELL MAKES THE FIRST TRUE ‘PHONE CALL 10 MARCH 1876   Alexander Graham Bell makes the first bi-directional transmission of clear speech. The first words spoken were “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” Mr Watson answered and history was made. The first commercial services would start […]

10 March 2017 | Bell makes the first true ‘phone call  

ÉAMON DE VALERA BECOMES LEADER OF IRELAND 9 MARCH 1932 Éamon de Valera becomes President of the Executive Council of the Irish Free State. This office would be replaced by the Taoiseach in the 1937 Constitution of Ireland. De Valera was instrumental in moving Ireland from British Dominion to a […]

9 March 1932 | Éamon de Valera becomes leader of Ireland  

  Myths and Legends Episode 62 – Thor: Hammer Time In November, the latest Marvel Comic-based film featuring the Norse god Thor will be released. In Thor: Ragnarok expect to see our hero smashing his way through a host of enemies. Far more interestingly, in this episode of the Myths & […]

Myths & Legends | Thor – Hammer Time  

  In 1941, Adolf Hitler issued orders to Nazi Germany’s railway officials. He wanted them to develop a new type of railway. It was to be bigger, far bigger, than anything that had ever been seen. Trains the height and width of a suburban house and the length of the Empire […]

Hitler’s plan for monster railways across Europe  

  In 1647, the new puritan government tried to cancel Christmas.n 1647, the new puritan government tried to cancel Christmas. People in Canterbury protested in a peculiarly English way with a destructive game of football. The city’s Plum Pudding Riots led to a royalist revolt and the second round of […]

How an attempt to cancel Christmas and a game of football led ...  

THE TREATY OF GRANADA COMPLETES  THE RECONQUISTA 25 NOVEMBER 1491 The Treaty of Granada was signed and ratified on November 25, 1491 between Boabdil, the sultan of Granada, and Ferdinand and Isabella, the King and Queen of Castile, León, Aragon and Sicily. The Capitulation of Granada effectively completed the Christian […]

25 November 1491 | The Treaty of Granada is signed