• Mental Floss has a great article on seven common words that have decidedly uncommon antonyms and related words. Read on for the meanings of postlimeries, excantation, concrimination and, topically enough in the week of Obama’s inauguration, exaugurate.

  • The Guardian’s Art and design blog asks ‘where is the smallest skyscraper’?

  • What are the most important issues facing Britain today? According to this survey, economic issues dominate – with the economy and unemployment taking the top two slots and inflation/prices, poverty/inequality, pensions/benefits and housing also in the top ten. The NHS is only fourth, behind race relations and immigration.

  • Find out what is happening with the intensity of flu outbreaks around the world and in the UK.

  • Some great photos from Ian Visits and the London Historians on the English Civil War Society’s parade along the Mall.
  • Reimagining the Tube map with circles – does the opening of the London Overground orbit bring some circular design sense to the tangled weave of the London transport network? For more fantastic reimaginings of the classic design (including a vaguely amusing Franglish version) explore Project Mapping’s Underground pages.
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